Tickets for Sandra Bernhard is #blessed are now available!

Tickets are also available on the Tour Dates page

New York City – Joe’s Pub
December 26 – December 31

New Years Eve: 9:00PM Show – $100 until November 27th / $150 November 28th and later / 11:00PM show $150 (Until November 27) / $200 (November 28 or later)

@LN_1B – “artisanal”

@mannydr – “curated”

@marcos1013 – “amazing”

@greenjellybean – “seriously”

@sheliamhageman – “positive body image”

@thetvgod – “at the end of the day”

Tune in to ABC Family tonight to catch Sandra on Switched at Birth! Here’s a sneak peak…

@Sandra Bernhard