Bernhard’s Sandyland radio show on SirusXM is as unique and beguiling as the actress herself. ― The Huffington Post


Listen to Sandyland daily at 12 pm ET on SiriusXM Radio Andy (Ch. 102).

Bernhard has been on board Radio Andy ever since Andy Cohen launched his SiriusXM channel a year ago. Her guests have included  A-listers like Jane Fonda, Bette Midler and Blondie’s Debbie Harry and Chris Stein, whom she interviewed on New York City’s M Train.

In Sandyland, she tries to epitomize Michelle Obama’s oft-quoted maxim: “When they go low, we go high.”

“What I think is interesting for the listener is to have these great conversations with people who have been around, who know what they’re doing, are intellectual, smart, street-savvy, musical,” she says. “I weave it all in with great music … and funny conversations with phone calls, people that are starting to get on board Sandyland, and of course my monologues that I start each day with, which are quotidian in nature but things that people can relate to and that they have a certain absurdity and profundity that all kind of come together.” 

Sandyland is an evolution of the material that made Bernhard famous in the 1980s: She took the mic and eviscerated pop culture. Her delivery was, and still is, intimate, almost like an off-hand, sassy, conversation between old friends.

“My style of performing has been influenced by all the things I grew up with, from Broadway to rock ‘n’ roll to great movies … Turner classics to the great movies of the ’60s and ’70s,” she says. “All the things that I was exposed to as a child, you know, cocktail parties and chatter that I would listen to as a kid.”